Semi-Auto Pistol

Below you will find a large selection of owners manuals and schematics we have worked on since 1982! Please feel free to download and use these manuals and breakdown schematics to help you in your everyday needs. All the information is reproduced from the original manuals. We can not guarantee the correctness and or instructions included herein because the manufacturer produced these manuals, not

By viewing, printing and/or using this information in any way, you attest that can not be held liable for misprints and/or mistakes in any of this manufacturer produced material. As always, be absolutely certain your firearm is unloaded before attempting any kind of disassembly of your weapon. holds all of our own employees to the 2 to 1 rule, "Check it twice, then take it apart after checking it one more time!"

If you transfer and/or sell a weapon to another individual, it is your responsibility to print and provide the new owner with a current owners manual for the weapon. You can also call the company that manufactured the weapon and get a complete bound manual for free. You can get contact information for many companies at the "manufacturers" link at the top of each page. We will be adding manuals and schematics all the time so please check back often!


AMT Backup DA
AMT Backup
Armalite AR24
Armscor 1911
Astra 200
Astra 200
Astra 2000
Astra A70
Astra A75
Astra A100
Astra TS-22
Astra TS22
Auto Ordnance 1911


Ballester Molina
Benelli B76
Beretta 21
Beretta 22
Beretta 81 Series
Beretta 81-84
Beretta 81
Beretta 87 Target
Beretta 87
Beretta 89 Standard
Beretta 89
Beretta 90Two
Beretta 92 Combat
Beretta 92 Series
Beretta 92 Stock-Combat
Beretta 92
Beretta 950
Beretta 3032
Beretta 8000 Cougar
Beretta 8000
Beretta 9000
Beretta 9000S
Beretta M9
Beretta mod 950
Beretta mod 3032 Tomcat
Beretta Mod M9 9mm
Beretta Px4
Beretta Steel I
Beretta U22 Neos
Bersa 9MM
Bersa 45
Bersa 380
Bersa MiniThunder 9mm 40cal
Bersa Thunder 9mm 40cal
Browning Baby 25
Browning BDA & BDAD
Browning Buckmark
Browning Challenger Ii
Browning Da140
Browning Gp Competition
Browning Gp
Browning Hi-Power 9-40
Browning Hipower Field
Browning Hipower
Budischowsky Tp-70


Century ARcus Da98
Century Sam 1911
Charlesdaly Bul Pistols
Charlesdaly Ms1911A1
Cobra Fs32 Fs380
Cobra Patriot 9 & Patriot 380
Cobra Patriot 45
Cobray M11
Colt 22 Caliber Conversion Series 80
Colt 22 Caliber Conversion
Colt 22 Target Model
Colt 25 Hammerless
Colt 32 & .380 Hammerless
Colt All American 2000
Colt Automatic Pistol Pocket Mod .38
Colt Challenger Automatic Pistol Caliber .22
Colt Colteer .22 Autoloader
Colt Double Action Series 90, 380 & 9Mm Auto Pistols
Colt Double Eagle
Colt Gold Cup National Match Mkiv-Series 70
Colt Government Model Mkiv Series 70 Model O
Colt Government Model Mkiv Series 70
Colt Huntsman Automatic Pistol
Colt Junior
Colt Mkiv Series 80 & 90 Pistols
Colt Mkiv Series 80 380 Auto Pistols
Colt Mkiv Series 80 Pistols
Colt Woodsman Automatic Pistol Caliber .22
Colt Woodsman Automatic Pistol Match 22
Colt Woodsman Automatic Pistol Target Sport Model
Colt WW1 Reproduction Pistol Model M1911
Colt WW2 Reproduction Pistol Model M1911A1
Colt Z40
Coonan 357 Auto
Cz 40
Cz 40P
Cz 75 Kadet
Cz 75
Cz 2075
Cz Skorpion


Danwesson 1911
Davis D22-D25-D32


EAA Ea380
EAA Fab92
EAA Izh35M
EAA Izh46
EAA Thor
EAA Witness
EAA Witnessp
Ed Brown 1911


Firestorm 45 Government
Firestorm 380
Firestorm Mini 9 40 45


Glock 17 19
Glock Armorers Manual Update
Glock Armorers Manual
Grease Gun M3 FM 23


Hammerli 208S
Heritage Stealth23
Hipoint 380Comp
Hipoint C9
Hipoint JC
Hipoint JH
Hipoint JHP
Histandard B
Histandard M100
Histandard M101
Histandard M103
Histandard M104
Histandard M107
Histandard S103
Hk Gpt
Hk Mark23
Hk P7 Owner
Hk P7
Hk P9S
Hk P2000
Hk Usp40C
Hk Uspc
Hk Uspt
Hk Vp70Z
Hs 2000


Iai Automag III
Intratec Tec Dc9


Jchiggins 80
Jennings 380
Jennings J22


Kahr Kp
Kahr Mk
Kbi Pa63
Keltec P3At
Keltec P11
Keltec P32
Keltec Su16
Kimber 22 Pistol
Kimber 1911
Kimber Compact
Kimber Fullsize
Korth Semi-Auto


Lar Grizzly
Llama 9MM
Llama III-A
Llama Maxi
Llama Micromax
Llama Minimax subcompact
Luger 1900-06
Luger P08


Mac 10
Mac 1011Manual
Mac 1931
Mac 1950
Magnum Research Baby Eagle Manual
Magnum Research Desert Eagle.manual
Makarov Bloss
Mas G1
Mitchell Gold Series 1911


North American Guardian


Olympic Whitney Wolverine
Orbis Mgv176


Para Ordnance Hc
Para Ordnance Lda
Para Ordnance Pxt Lda
Para Ordnance Pxt Sa
Para Ordnance Short barrel
Phoenix Hp22-Hp22A-Hp25-Hp25A



Radocy Luger-Parabellum
Ramline Exactor
Random P64
Remington 51
Republic Rap-440
Ruger MkI
Ruger MkII
Ruger MkIII
Ruger P85
Ruger P89-P944 Decocker
Ruger P89-P944 Double Action Only
Ruger P89-P944 Manual Safety
Ruger P95 Decocker
Ruger P95 Double Action Only
Ruger P95 Manual Safety
Ruger P97 Decocker
Ruger P97 Double Action Only
Ruger P345 Dc
Ruger P345 Ms


S&W 22A 22S
S&W 41
S&W 59
S&W 99
S&W 422 Rimfire Pistols
S&W 1911
S&W Centerfire Pistol
S&W Elite Gold
S&W Elite Silver
S&W M&P Pistols
S&W Pc945
S&W Pistol
S&W Sigma
Sab G2001
Safari 45
Sako Triace
Sauer&Sohn Kleinen Pistole
Seecamp 32
Sig Sauer Armorer's Manual
Sig Sauer Gsr1911
Sig Sauer M2
Sig Sauer Mosquito
Sig Sauer P210
Sig Sauer P220 245
Sig Sauer P220
Sig Sauer P226
Sig Sauer P226X5
Sig Sauer P228
Sig Sauer P229
Sig Sauer P232 Suppliment
Sig Sauer P232
Sig Sauer P239
Sig Sauer P250Dcc
Sig Sauer SP2009 2340
Sig Sauer SP2022 Fof
Sig Sauer SP2022
Sig Sauer SP2022M
Sphinx At380 At32
Springfield 1911
Springfield XD
Star 31 Manual
Star 43 Manual
Star Bm Manual
Star Cu Manual
Star F Manual
Star Firestarplus
Star Fr Manual
Star Pd Manual
Steyr Gb
Steyr S40-A1
Sti 1911
Sti 2011
Stoeger Luger


Taurus Pistol Update
Taurus Pistol
Taurus Pt22
Taurus Pt24-7 Oss
Taurus Pt24-7 Pro Ds
Taurus Pt1911


Usfa Automatics Manual


Vostok Mu Muy
Vostok Toz 35 Parts
Vostok Toz 35


Walther Gsp
Walther Ksp200
Walther L&S
Walther Osp
Walther P5
Walther P22
Walther P38
Walther P88
Walther P99
Walther Pa63
Walther Ppk Ppks