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Dave's Pawn Shop is a proud member of the NFATCA. This is a great organization that is a leader in the field of Class III weapons and NFA ownership. If you are interested in full-auto weapons, a collector, want to own a silencer or just want to keep the ability to exercise these rights, join the NFATCA today!

They have a very helpful forum that will answer your questions about Class III ownership. They also fight on our behalf to bring common sense to the rules and regulations concerning NFA laws.

The NFATCA is a 501(c)(6) organization incorporated to get things done. We work with the BATF on a daily basis to insure that the things that matter to you are addressed. We do not flood your mailbox with junk, we do not jump at every hiccup. We take our time to methodically insure that your interests are fairly and properly represented.
issues Our 2010 agenda is packed with action items that would make any other organization cringe. Yet we have not only stepped up to address them, we have already engaged BATF at the most senior levels:

* Eliminate the CLEO signature requirements on Form 1 and Form 4.
* Eliminate the Citizenship Compliance form (5330.20) and merge with other forms.
* Lift the current post-sample machine gun restrictions.
* Done: Obtain final determination on Maxim sideplate issue.
* Clarification and classification for all user-made changes to AR15 or M16 receivers.
* Done: Develop public Q&A document for SBR/SBS issues, including removing item from NFRTR.
* Implement credit card processing for NFA Branch
* In Process: Small arms ammunition definition.
* In Process: Manufacturing definition Petition.
* Done: Reform of marking variance process.
* Create industry working group.
* Done: Expand Thompson C&R definitions.
* Ongoing: Work towards an additional Amnesty registration period through regulatory channels.

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