Gun Repair Services

Dave's Pawn Shop has a full time gunsmith on sight from 8-5 M-F. We take pride in our repair services and guarantee all work performed. We work on most all brands and types or weapons from collector's pieces to modern class III weaponry.

A repaired weapon will go through a few stages,

1) One of our gunsmiths will inspect the weapon soon after it is logged into our system (usually within 4-5 days).

2)The weapon will then be completed or parts installed or ordered. Ordered parts usually arrive 1-3 weeks from the time of order and are installed as soon as they arrive. We use only factory original parts. We have 30 years worth of factory parts for all kinds of weapons on-hand so we may have what your looking for, otherwise we will order parts from one of our Five suppliers.*

3) The weapon will now be reassembled and tested. We will test fire the weapon if the repair calls for it. All work is guaranteed for one year and applicable parts are guaranteed from the respected manufacturer. Below is a short list of some of the repairs and enhancements we offer. All work (except noted otherwise) requires a minimum $35.00 bench fee. A bench fee is a fee we charge on ALL firearms that are logged onto our system, whether we do any work to the firearm or not. Our hourly rate currently is $35.00 per hour and may be added on top of the bench fee if we have more than 30 minutes invested into the repair. 

4) If the weapon is deemed to be "unsafe", a unsafe tag and description will be added to the weapon and you will only be charged a bench fee, no matter time invested in repair.

*Getting parts for older model firearms is getting harder and harder as time goes by. Dave's has issued this task to a gunsmith in training and his job is to locate hard to find parts. We have lots of time invested in just finding some of the most trivial parts but due to some older firearms heat treating properties and other factors, waiting is all we can do until one of our suppliers fills the order. We can produce most parts but this is offered only as a last resort. We can easily have Two to Three hours in a small part production that requires heat treating, at $35.00 per hour, this can get pretty costly. We commonly wait Two weeks up to Four months to get some out of production parts. Please be patient on a firearm that parts are "obsolete" for.

Repairs are logged in and handled in the order they are logged by. All machine repairs (lathe work, mill work and parts production) are first in line. We handle all machining firearm orders as they come in. This means simply if we are in the middle of restoring a old collectable firearm and it is currently on the bench, if a machining job comes in, the next break in production run will include the machining repair then we will get back on the collectable gun. The next series is refinishing jobs. Refinishing jobs get prepped and completed once a month. No matter what is on the bench when it comes time to prep and refinish our refinishing customers firearms, during this week, all we will focus on is refinishing. After completion of the refinishing clients, we will return to the bench. Lastly are the parts replacement firearms. These are the firearms we are ordering parts for and or producing parts for. When there is no refinishing or lathe work to do, we will focus on repair of parts replacement weapons, strip clean weapons and all other "standard" repairs.