General Shotgun Work

Parts replacement $45.00 bench fee plus $45.00 hour
and parts cost 
Complete Clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and reassemble
Pumps Rem 870 or Moss 500 or similar $45.00 
Autos Rem 1187 & Beretta 391 or similar $55.00 
Win 97, Rem 11, Browning auto-5's and similar models $70.00 
Doubles & O/U $60.00 
High grade Doubles & O/U with sidelocks $75.00 
Cut, crown and reset bead (New Standard Bead Included) $60.00 
Cut and crown only on single barrels $50.00 
Drill and tap for sight bead (one) $45.00 
Bead install (factory replacement/no drill or tap) $10.00 includes
standard bead 
Install recoil pad $45.00 (does not include pad) 
Pattern Shotgun - (Does not include ammo or targets) $35.00 
Lengthen Forcing Cone - (Non-Plated Bore, Per Barrel) $65.00 
Long Forcing Cone - (Plated Bore, Per Barrel) $95.00 
Resolder Rib $110.00 
Raise Dented Rib $35.00 
Straighten / Adjust Barrel $60.00 
Polish Chamber / Bore $65.00 
Remove Stuck Choke Tube $45.00 
Install Screw-In Choke - (Winchoke/Truchoke/Remchoke Non-Plated Bores) $120.00 
Make New Hinge Pin $90.00 
Drill & Tap for Front or Mid Rib Bead $45.00 
Make Chamber Cast $45.00 
Ultrasonic Remove Fouling From Bore $45.00 
Port Barrel $100.00 
(All other services requiring machining, see "Machine Work" below.)

Ask us about our "Custom Protection Shotgun" program. We can produce you a truly one of a kind custom shotgun. We are currently refitting Remington 870 and Mossberg 500-590 to be the perfect combat shotgun! We retool the bolt, install new furniture, add a custom finish, cut and crown barrel and install rails, lights and/or anything else you desire. Turn that old rabbit gun into a combat weapon or let us supply you with one. Call 931-484-8947
for current inventory and production times.

NOTE-We can produce a custom part for you if you have a weapon
that we can not find parts for. This service includes production of
the part, installation and test firing session. We can produce parts
from polyplastics, aluminum foundry or carbon steel. This service is
a last resort to get your firearm working again in the instance that we can't find factory or reproduction parts of any kind. Parts are priced by the size and how complicated they are. All molds and foundry leftovers are property of Dave's Pawn Shop.