General Rifle Work

Complete Clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and
reassemble Bolt Actions, Pumps, Autos & Levers $45.00 
Parts replacement $45.00 bench fee plus $45.00 per hour and parts cost 
Sight In Rifle (Does not include cost of ammo or targets) $35.00 
Install butt plate / recoil pad $45.00 (does not include pad or plate) 
Scope Mounting - Rifle or Scope Purchase from us (NO CHARGE) 
Scope Mounting - Brought In $15.00 
Check Headspace $35.00 (includes ultrasonic cleaning of chamber and BBL) 
Make Chamber Cast $45.00 
Remove Stuck Case or Bullet from Chamber or Barrel (Price is dependent
upon severity of problem) $45.00 per hour 
Cut Dovetail in Barrel $55.00 
Drill & Tap Barrel or Receiver for Sights or Scope Base (Per Hole) $10.00 plus $45.00 bench fee 
Install Front Sight Ramp - Sweat-On Type $60.00 Includes sight 
Install Front Sight Ramp - Screw-On Type $45.00 Includes sight 
Install Pre-Threaded & Chambered Barrel to Action $100.00 
Chamber & Fit Barrel to Action - Std. Caliber's $200.00 
Chamber & Fit Barrel to Action - Win. Pre-64 70 $240.00 
Chamber & Fit Barrel to Action - Wildcat Caliber's $340.00 
Turn & True Receiver Face $45.00 
Turn & True Receiver Locking Lugs & Bolt Locking Lugs $70.00 
Lap Locking Lugs to 600 grit polish $55.00 
Crown & Lap Muzzle $50.00 
Thread Muzzle, Contour & Install Muzzle Brake $90.00 *Some models will be more 
Thread Protector for Muzzle Brake (Contoured to Barrel) $45.00 
Weld on New Bolt Handle $85.00 
Install & Adj. Timney/Canjar/Shilen Trigger $45.00 (not including trigger) 
Install & Adj. Double or Single Set Trigger $60.00 (not including trigger) 
Adjust factory trigger $55.00 (includes Wolff spring kit on most major models) 
Glass Bed stock for improved accuracy $85.00

Ask us about our "Custom Match Rifle" program! We can produce you a custom Remington 700 from the ground up to be a tack driver! We offer (3) Three different models to choose from! Prices and availabilty constantly change, give us a call at 931-484-8947 for current pricing and availability.

NOTE-We can produce a custom part for you if you have a weapon
that we can not find parts for. This service includes production of
the part, installation and test firing session. We can produce parts
from polyplastics, aluminum foundry or carbon steel. This service is
a last resort to get your firearm working again in the instance that we can't find factory or reproduction parts of any kind. Parts are priced by the size and how complicated they are. All molds and foundry leftovers are property of Dave's Pawn Shop.