Class III Transfer Form

Class III Transfer Form

We can accept your class III items for transfer between NFA dealers. We will contact your dealer and complete the whole process for you! Just fill in the form below and submit it to us, we will receive a secure and encrypted email with the information and begin the process on your behalf right away.

If you are interested in transferring a NFA weapon, AOW weapon or suppressor through us for pickup, simply fill out the form below and we will take care of the rest.

The price for this service depends on the forms we need to fill out.

Full-Auto weapon on dealer form 3 - $150.00
Full-Auto weapon on client form 4 - $175.00
AOW (Any Other Weapon) short shotgun, pen gun, etc - $80.00
Silencer/Suppressor on dealer form 3 - $75.00
Silencer/Suppressor on client form 4 - $100.00

Please fill in all the blanks and click the submit button only once.  We will not reply to this form, we will take the information listed below and complete the transfer process on your behalf.  A sales associate will contact you when the firearm arrives and is listed on our computer system.

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We will contact you as well as the transferer to work out paperwork and details. Please give us your cell phone number or any other working number you can receive calls at between 8AM and 5PM Monday-Friday:

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